What’s next for Hometown Creative?


You know that interview question you always get when applying for a new job,

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Well, I hate that question.

As a “fly by the seat of my pants,” type of girl, I’m not a big fan of long term goals and commitments.

However, in the midst of a massive transition for Zack and I (Myrtle Beach -> Savannah) I’ve been deep in “planning mode,” trying to figure out what these next years will look like for our family and this sweet little biz I’ve poured my heart and soul into these past few years.

So here’s where we’re going as a team.

Hometown Creative has officially expanded into the Savannah area with the addition of our Savannah Manager, Parker Heil. She’ll be helping us grow our Savannah business while Gabby manages our clients in Myrtle Beach.

In addition to these expansions, we’ve also decided to focus our efforts on growing our business in the Spartanburg/ Greenville area. This has always been a goal of mine and I’ll always consider it home, so I’m excited to see Hometown Creative flourish in my original hometown.

As we focus on these expansions and transitions, we’re excited to offer a seasonal promotion for businesses within these communities.

From now until the end of November,

we’re offering 20% off all Branding Packages (Website Design and Full Branding), and 10% off our Social Media and Digital Marketing Packages.

If you’ve ever considered working with our team, now is the time to jump onboard as we’ve never run nor plan on running promotions this big, again!

We’re so excited and prayerful about what’s to come and cannot thank those of you who have stuck with us and encouraged us from the beginning, enough!

Savannah, Spartanburg, and Greenville, HERE WE COME!

Gracin JohnsonComment