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Happy Fall friends!

We’re so glad that soon the leaves will be changing, we’ll be throwing on our sweaters and leggings, and sipping hot coffee again!

Until then, we’re bearing this 90 degree weather on the east coast, and just pretending that the weather is changing.

If you’ve been watching our IG Stories each week (and you totally should be here) you’ve probably seen our Tip Tuesday series. Each Tuesday we share a tip about boosting your digital presence, whether through social media or Google Ads and SEO. Within this series, we’ve been touching on the importance of good, high quality content.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about social media marketing, you’ve probably heard me say that the days of “content is king,” are long gone. Instead, now, high quality, branded, well thought out, and consistent content is king.

You may be reading this asking yourself, “ok but how do I get that?”

Well, we’ve got a system for you, that you can implement immediately to get your content branded and ready for the world to see!

  1. Book and Branded Photoshoot:

    This is the most important thing you can do. A branded shoot provides you with content to post on social media, use as stock photos, and spark inspiration within your team. Before you just jump and call a photographer, you’ll want to get together with your team or potential photographer and discuss you colors, inspirations, shoot locations, etc. Also, talk with your photographer about their editing process. You’ll want to ensure that their editing style will mesh well with your own branding.

  2. Write out what your brand is:

    For our clients, we have them answer a branding questionnaire that asks everything from “Who is your ideal client?” to “Draw out some pictures, add color, and words to express/illustrate just what your brand looks and feels like to you.” We then create a branding guide that has colors, words, fonts, and logo designs for our clients to draw from for social media posts, website design, ads and more. This guide becomes your branding standard.

  3. Poll your clients/Followers:

    Find out why your clients have chosen you. Ask them what they’d like to see more or less of on your social media platforms and blog.

These 3 steps should help you get a head start on creating content that converts followers to clients!

Check out our recent Fall shoot with Blend Hair Salon for inspiration for your next branded shoot, and contact us below if you’d like to book our team.

Blend Hair Salon Fall Team Shoot


& check out their Instagram for more!


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