Social Media Strategy Essentials | Effective Engagement


We preach it all the time,

if you want to grow a meaningful community on your social media platforms, you have to engage with your followers.

But what does the word ‘engagement’ in connection with social media actually mean?

Here it is:

You have to build authentic community with your followers and with other accounts within your industry. And, to do that, you have to have demonstrate genuine interest in other Instagram accounts.

Simple enough, right?

Well, sorta.

When I started my Internship with Hometown Creative, I can tell you I was so amazed by all the new things I was learning and using but at the same time I had brain fog – and by that I mean like a rainy October morning brain fog. All of the sudden, I had to use social media engagement strategies like the $1.80 rule, and understand the Instagram algorithm. Sounds crazy – but it actually isn’t. Understanding these can quickly grow your brand and help you reach an even wider audience, gaining new followers and potential clients.

I’ll break down the most basic rules and give you some tips and tricks on how to use it for your Instagram to gain MEANINGFUL followers.

First off, we want to say that a lot of followers is not always an indicator of an effective Instagram strategy. Having thousands and thousands of followers but only a handful of likes and comments on your posts can have several negative effects on your social media strategy.

This can indicate that your followers aren’t interested in what you have to say /show.

It can flag your account with Instagram to “ShadowBan” your page.

And, most importantly, uninterested, unengaged followers never translate to paying customers.

Our best tip is to work to achieve real, meaningful followers.

And, sometimes this means less is more - as long as your engagements such as comments, likes, website clicks, etc. are high.

There are a few things like the $1.80 RULE that will help you understand what a GOOD AND BALANCED ENGAGEMENT should look like (there are a ton of videos and other articles online – so if you’re intrigued now, you should definitely Google for more). Of course, you don’t have to spend $1.80 a day to get your engagement up. But let’s imagine every comment and like you leave on someone else’s post is worth $0.02 for your brand. Comments and likes don’t really take too long, so leaving you $0.02 about ninety times on accounts that you want to engage with will get you to $1.80 worth of engagement for the day.


Also, you may have noticed something phenomenal on Instagram – seen most clearly on your explore page. By simply realizing that you spend significant time on certain profiles IG has created an ALGORITHM to recognize your interests and boom – if you’ve been spending your free time watching dog videos, you start to notice that your IG explore page will be flooded with dog accounts. Also, on your timeline, what shows up first will be the accounts you engage with the most – the accounts you are most interested in.

Crazy isn’t it?

Obviously, that’s how everyone’s Instagram works, so vice versa if you engage with accounts continuously and they engage with you – you are more likely to show up on the top of their page, their explore page and most likely won’t get lost in the infinite universe of IG posts.

I hope you feel a little bit more encouraged about Social Media Engagement Strategies and can tackle the challenges yourself now!