Total Branding Package - Maley Group's Breath of Fresh Air


Just a brief conversation on the phone with Bethany and you immediately feel more calm and a bit more peaceful.

It’s the most amazing thing.

When we sat down (over Zoom) to discuss revamping her online presence, we knew, as a team, we had to capture that calming presence in creating her new website.

Bethany’s focus was on providing “a breath of fresh air” in everything her business creates and puts out.


Therefore, had to be a place people could come to, to escape day-to-day pressures and stress, and return to their roots.

We loved this unique opportunity to create something so starkly contrasting much of the digital world. Nothing online seems to contribute in quiet and calming ways. Instead, social media and digital advertising is often loud and “in your face.”

With these concepts and ideas in mind, we incorporated light and airy colors and paired these with a focus on nature in the imagery within the site.

Using images from previous workshops and Bethany’s impressive photography skills, the website developed a grounded feel that illustrated many of Bethany’s personal perspectives.

We couldn’t be more excited to share with all of you.

We hope that you visit the site and feel as replenished and encouraged as we have in designing it!

Gracin JohnsonComment