The Hometown Creative Total Branding Experience


Of all of our Frequently Asked Questions, the most prominent that we’re asked is

“so, what is it that you do?”

Although we have a services tab on our website, we wanted to take the next few weeks to dive deeper into each of our packages available in a new blog series.

And, I could think of no better way to kick off this series than with my personal favorite package,

our Total Branding Package.

We just recently launched our 6th Total Branding Package this year and started on our 7th. So, needless to say, this package is quickly becoming one of our most popular.

With each new website and branding experience, we feel like we are given the opportunity to grow lasting relationships with some incredible small businesses, cheer on new boss babes, and join a fellow entrepreneur on a lifelong journey.

Our Total Branding Package process:

  1. We first meet with our potential client either in person (most likely over a cup of coffee), or via Zoom. This allows us to get to know one another and the brand we’re helping create.

    We ask questions like,

    • “Who are you trying to serve, and why?”

    • “What problem are you trying to solve?”

    • “What are you most passionate about, in regards to your brand/business?”

    • “Share your favorite quotes, colors, and fonts that you feel like most illustrate your brand’s vision”

  2. We then create a mood board to further illustrate the brand. These often include colors, images, quotes, fonts, etc.

  3. From there, we begin designing the customized site utilizing this design board inspiration.

  4. Our packages include a branded shoot (for our local clients) + graphic designs to create a cohesive brand “look.”

  5. Once we complete rounds of revisions, together with our clients, we launch the site with a Social Media Launch campaign that includes customized branded

    • IG stories

    • IG posts

    • Facebook content


We thoroughly enjoy every opportunity to participate in a business’s branding journey, and the privilege is not one we take easily.

Contact us today to further discuss this package and to get started on your branding journey!