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meet Gracin Johnson

Founder & Creative Director


“I like to say my family's small business raised me. It was behind the office desk that I took my afternoon naps. It was manning the cash register at five years old, that taught me long division. It was watching my dad and grandpa stay long after closing that taught me perseverance and determination. It was my grandmother catering to her customers that taught me the importance of taking care of people.

After graduating from Clemson University, I moved to the beach with my husband and began a career in the corporate marketing world. It was there that I developed the “big picture” mindset.  However, my heart remained committed to the small hometown entwined in my roots. I left my windowless office and pursued a career helping businesses similar to the one I came from.

I’m a believer. A believer in Christ, in small businesses, in a better America, in a brighter future, and a believer in you.”


meet Gabby Mason

Social Media Strategist & Account Manager

“As I was growing up in a tiny New Jersey town, I watched so many small businesses come and go. It seemed as if every other block another was boarding up windows. Owners would succumb to the stress of having too much on their plate and the lack of support from citizens in a town unwilling to shop local, ultimately losing their passion. While most people stayed, I decided to venture out. My junior year of college I packed up my bags and moved to South Carolina, not having a familiar face in sight.

I immediately fell in love with the Myrtle Beach lifestyle. Here, support is easy to come by and everyone is running their small business for the same reason; because they are doing what they love.

After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, I started working with Gracin at Hometown Creative. Working with her quickly turned into a friendship, a realization of a collective passion, and now my dream job.

Today, I’m a huge advocate for life being all about pursuing your passion. By creating a strong social media presence and digital voice for brands, I help small business owners get back to doing just that.”


Meet Sullivan

team mascot and morale booster



Sully is a favorite around here.

She doesn't get much work done for us, but she's always happy to lend herself for a quick inspiring snuggle or a few kisses for a morale boost.

She’s a 1 year old Standard Bernedoodle - Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix named after Sullivans Island, SC. She loves Starbucks (puppuccinos) helping with fun creative project (especially photoshoots that involve food) and following her mom, Gracin around everywhere.

She especially loves to eat sand, sticks, shoes, well-really anything for that matter.

You can follow here on Instagram @sullyinthesand for more!


“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”



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